Hotel Arosa
Welcome at the start of your vacation...


Honored Guest(s), We would like to bid you welcome to our family hotel, from which you can enjoy the Dutch coast in a homely atmosphere.

Located in Zandvoort, on the South side of the village, which is only a one-minute walk into the center (It’s literally around the corner), a 5 minute distance from the beach, 10 minute walk to the train station and a short 20 minute walk to the World-famous racetrack.

The hotel is now run by the second generation. In 1956, Arosa opened its doors. After several renovations, the hotel has never been out of style and all the rooms include a private shower, toilet and television. The rooms are all different in size and design, however all come together to form a complete experience. The hotel offers a WiFi (wireless internet ) connection, compact fridges in the room and various other accessories such as a hairdryer, clock radio, a electric-kettle, etc. are available. Service and personal care are our priority to each individual guest.

The hotel has a small but intimate terrace, where you can relax after your included breakfast has been served, or at night get a drink to end an exciting day. At colder temperatures, you are always more then welcome in our dining room. 

Zandvoort is still one of the most visited beach communities in theNetherlands. The many different types of beach clubs ensure that there is something for everyone. Bloemendaal aan Zee, which is a 5 minute drive by car from the Hotel, offers a wide variety of beach-clubs that play anything from Dance to Lounge music.

These beach clubs are there from March through October, as they are taken down and stored for the winter. Besides comfortable beach-chairs they each also offer a wide range of varied cuisines. Some beach clubs specialise in water sports.

The center of Zandvoort has many different terraces, restaurants and diners. Next to their regular operating-hours, all the shops in the center of Zandvoort are open each Sunday. During the summer season the shops will remain open for a longer period of time. 

Zandvoort is surrounded by dunes, which offer you a relaxing surrounding for long bike-rides and walks throughout the year, each season has its own unique charm. 

Outside of Zandvoort are many surrounding towns which are easy to reach by car, train or bus. Amsterdam, the capitol of our country, where you can visit many World famous museums or, take a delightful cruise through the beautiful canals. Closer to Zandvoort is the city of Haarlem. Haarlem also offers several museums. Cities that one might not think of so quickly but are worth a visit are Beverwijk, where every Saturday and Sunday the Beverwijk Bazaar is opened ( a big in – and outdoor market ), Hoofddorp, which has a great indoor shopping mall.
For those who really want to get a good feeling of the Dutch culture, Alkmaar, Volendam, Edam and Marken are pretty villages not too be missed.

In the springtime you should not miss the Keukenhof with all the beautiful flowers that come with this season. You can travel to the Keukenhof by car or take the train to the city ofLeidenfrom which a bus will take you straight to the gates of the Keukenhof.

As you may have noticed Zandvoort has more to offer than just beaches, dunes and the sea. We are completely willing to offer our hotel as a starting-point to all your holiday adventures.

We hope you won’t hesitate and feel free to request a free offer.

We look forward to being of service to you.